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Quality control [Vladislav]
Can I control the quality of works that you perform and how? Thank you for answering.

Of course. You can always hire an independent technical supervisor.

Refusal of your services [ Yuri]
Will I be able to refuse your services (at what stage), and how will payment be made in this case?

Youll have a full picture of our working methods and our specialists before you do any prepayment. However, in case you might opt to stop completing the project, we execute a step-by-step payment. All details of this can be found in the contract.

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to ask a question

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05   06'2008
The presentation

Presentation to building company "KIFA" possible look here

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01   02'2008
IKEA Krasnodar

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09   12'2007
Corporative New year' party.

On the 21st of December 2007 the staff of the CTC KIFA is celebrating a Corporative New year' party in Novinki.

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